Our school has got a new name: “Eötvös József Catholic Primary School and Kindergarten” 116 children started the new school year in the kindergarten and 365 pupils at school.

1. We started our annual campaign for “Flowery School”. Our aim: to bring as many nice flowers and plants to the school as we can.

2. 16th-17th September: “What sport shall I choose?” Introduction of sports clubs in the sports hall. We could try athletics, handball, karate, kung fu, judo, aerobics, cycling, fencing, wrestling, kayak, table tennis, chess, folk dance, bobsleigh, football, archery, rally etc. Among the star-guests was Bertalan Hajós, who has won European Championships in judo twice and second prize in the Olympic Games and World Championships.

3. 17th September: “Day of White Lake” in Kardoskút “White Lake” area in Kardoskút has been part of the Körös-Maros National Park since 1997. Thousands of birds gather at the lakeside to migrate to the north and south. A team of 5 pupils took part in a competition others cycled from Orosháza to Kardoskút in the morning and returned in the afternoon.