1. On 7th December 45 pupils were rewarded with a trip to Budapest. They visited the Parliament, the Royal Palace and other sights of our capital city.
  2. On 10th December we organised our usual I.T. Competition.
  3. Our pupils made Christmas cribs and took part in the town competition. One of our cribs won the 1st prize.
  4. On 17th December our school performed a Bethlehem-play in the Catholic Church. Our priest lighted the candles on the altar with a small flame which was brought by scouts from Bethlehem via Vienna. Due to the organ music, the candles on the altar, and the songs of the choir our first performance in the church became memorable for everybody. A large Christmas tree was decorated in the assembly hall of the school.
  5. Since this month the pupils can play chess on the corridors in the morning and during breaks. They enjoy it very much!
  6. Between 22nd December and 2nd January: CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. Hurray!!!